Please follow the pre-care instructions carefully for the best results. Things we want to avoid: excessive bleeding, poor healing and overly sensitive skin due to recent treatments, topicals, medical conditions or perscription medications.

1. No blood thinners for 48 hours prior including alcohol, Advil, Naproxen or similar, Tylenol IS OKAY

2. MICROBLADING must be scheduled 4 weeks after esthetic service such as Botox, laser treatment, facial, filers, lip blush, etc. Please check with your service provider to confirm that you are fully heal from this treatment before Microblading your brows.

3. Please stop taking vitamin E and fish oil 4 weeks prior to Microblading as the can thin the blood.

4. Please stop applying retinol AHA and BHA Products to your forehead 4week prior to Microblading your brows( because Can cause sensitivity that leads to scarring)

5. Please disclose any medication you are taking if you are prescribed an antibiotic, immunos suppressant, accutane please inform me because it can cause Poor result.

6. Please disclose any medical condition.

7. If you have any active acne, mole or previous Microblading I need three pictures one in the right eyebrows one from the left and the third one both eyebrows.