1) I will look at your brows, cleanse them, take before photos and start the shaping process.

2) During shaping, I draw a shape for the microblading to go inside. It takes about 30 minutes. When I am done I will show you and you can approve it or we can make changes to adjust the brow thickness, etc.

3) Next I will apply a numbing cream which we keep on for 20 minutes. You can relax and fill out the paperwork.

4) The entire appointment takes about 3 hours.

5) Microblading: there is minimal pain since you are numbed but you might feel some discomfort. I try to keep you as comfortable as possible. Some people get runny or stuffy noses, sneeze or get watery eyes. I will have tissues available.

6) Once I’m done I will show you your brows. If you’d like anything added, you can tell me. Once you are happy, I will take pictures and put on a serum that helps with healing. We will discuss aftercare and there is plenty of time for your questions.